I’ve been reading these days on socials about people who are mad at 2016 because it’s been a terrible year. It’s a matter of points of view. From a global point of view it may have been terrible, of course.

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First of all, I want to wish all of you a really merry Christmas.

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I hate Samsung

I hate Samsung

The title speaks for itself. I really hate this company because of the quality of some of its products and the policy it has for updates. It’s really annoying.

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I am a curious person and not in the sense of that kind of person who asks you everything about your personal life. I’m curious about the world and the things I see and those that I think are interesting. I just want to know more and more and more, it’s inevitable. Continue reading “Thirst”

I’m gonna say Yes, after all

I’m gonna say Yes, after all

As all the world knows, December 4th will be the crucial day for the entire Italian Republic: this is the date when all the Italians will be called up to vote whether the constitution is to be changed according to the “Boschi law” (it takes the name after the Minister who proposed it, it’s an Italian tradition). The change that our constitution may undergo are dramatic.

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We all have our obsessions, our manias. One of mine is time. I must be on time for everything. Better, I’m always well in advance. Do I have to be in a certain place at 10? I’m there at 9.50. It also happens when hanging out with my friends. We decide to meet at a certain time, and at that certain time I’m there, sharp, while they don’t. And I get angry, I hate people who are late, I hate losing time, even though it’s the most insignificant thing to do. I hate losing time, I hate waiting. Continue reading “Obsessions/1”

Almost famous

I got the ideas from a gallery appeared today on the Italian online newspaper IlPost (here’s the article; sorry, the article is in Italian but Google Translate is your friend).

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