When I graduated, my friends gave me a Mediaworld gift card that would have expired in two years. Two weeks ago I decided to use it and buy a Kindle Paperwhite and get into the world of digital reading.

In the first place, I really love reading, I’ve been always loving it. During the last 5 years I did it much less because of the university, so the only books I’ve read are textbooks. I’ve tried other readings, but I had so little time and I didn’t feel like to do it. I’ve started reading “Open”, Andre Agassi’s bio during my spare time but I’ve never finished. I’ve always thought that I could read my favorite books during my frequent train trips, since my girlfriend lives far away from my place. I never kept up with this. Sometimes I forgot to physically take the book with me, sometimes I had not enough room in my backpack, sometimes I had it with me but all I wanted was just to listen to music and sleep.

Last february I graduated. Before starting to find a job I’ve considered to try to get in a PhD in economics but I’ve changed my mind. I disliked the idea to spend at least three more years reading what I had to read rather than what I wanted to read, among the other reasons. Anyway, since I’m working, during my spare time I really have time to do what I like to do, and reading is one of these activities. I started to read “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, I’ve almost eaten up the first four books.

This is really my Kindle; others you see in this post are just pictures taken from Google, but not this one.

Also, you know me, I always love to have nice technological stuff, and the Kindle was one of them, it’s been in my mind for a long time. I really like it.

I’m a fan of written paper, at work I take a lot of notes on my book, I almost had fear not to feel comfortable with an e-ink reader. Nothing more wrong. I love my Kindle. Really, looking at its display is almost like reading on paper: the appearance is the same, you just don’t get the feeling of touching the paper and turning the page. You just need a tap on the screen on the Kindle to change the page.

I have to admit it. I had doubt but I was wrong. The Kindle Paperwhite is very handy. It has 4 GB storage so you can store in it hundreds of books without carrying around the real weight of books. It’s light and small, it’s easy to find a little room for it in my backpack when I travel.

The backlight is essential for me. When I’m in my den, only the table lamp next to my laptop is turned on, while the couch is gloomy: it would be impossible to read a book without turning on the light but I don’t like my room to be very lighted. The backlight of the Kindle solved the problem. It’s awesome, really, it really worths the extra € 60 with respect to the standard Kindle. Also, the Paperwhite has a higher resolution (300 ppi vs 167 ppi).


What else? Oh, I have charged it to full battery on January 3rd, today it’s still at 50%. If you like reading, I really suggest to buy the Kindle, but you need to have an open mind to begin a new experience. Yes, reading on a Kindle is a new experience you need to get used not to deal with paper and heavy books anymore.



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