I’ve tried Instapaper for over a month. This morning I’ve decided to go back to Pocket, for a number of reasons that I want to explain.

  • The tag system in Pocket is more immediate than folders in Instapaper.
  • Pocket app is faster than Instapaper, at least in my Moto G. Also, Pocket website loads faster than Instapaper and it’s stable, while sometimes instapaper.com gets crazy.
  • Pocket has more browser extensions and more integration with browsers, for example Firefox, the browser I love more than any other. Just to mention: Pocket button, once saved an article, lets me set a tag for that article in a handy popup, while using the third-party Instapaper extension you just get a popup notification telling you that the article has been saved. To put it into a folder of yours you have to open Instapaper website or the app on your mobile.
  • Pocket has an official Firefox extensions that let you check if you have already saved a website, while Instapaper doesn’t. Yes. If you open a web page that you have already saved in Pocket, the Pocket extension button, at least in Firefox, becomes red, reminding you that the article is already in your list and that you can read it comfortably from Pocket without distractions. Instapaper doesn’t. It happened to me a lot of times that I didn’t remember if I had saved a certain article and I had to open Instapaper and check. It’s quite annoying, isn’t it?
  • Importing in Pocket my Instapaper links divided into folder has re-ordered finally all the tags. As you remember (if not, check the link at the beginning of this post) I had a problem with Pocket tags, which, as time went by, grew uncontrolled, they got redundant, because in Pocket you can attach as many tags as you want to a single article, but the risk to forget which tags you used is high. On the other hand, in Instapaper you can put articles into folders and, it goes without saying, you can’t put an article in more than 1 folder. Well, if you export your Instapaper list into Pocket the folders are turned into tags, so now each article has its own tag and I’ll try to be more careful with them.
  • Pocket is integrated with online accounts in Gnome Shell, even though I have not yet understood how to use it

One thought on “Pocket sweet Pocket

  1. Hey, I really enjoyed your post! I’ve also used Pocket, and I think it is great! Since you already know Pocket, I would like to just show you a similar app called AwesomeClip. It is completely FREE, and it has many features that you might want to have. I’ll leave a link here, so you can check it out!:) https://goo.gl/CwYA64


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