Hello folks, this is the first post of 2017. If you remember, last week I had an issue with the home banking app that cannot be installed on my tablet (a Lenovo A3500H, the Play Store says that the app is not compatible) and that doesn’t work on rooted systems.

I understand that using the home banking app within a rooted system there could be security issues, also, it’s always better to be cautious with money, especially when it’s your own money, the ones you broke your bones for.

However, I managed to install the app on my tablet: I just downloaded the apk and installed it. My tablet is rooted, too, but with SuperSu, so I just denied the root access for the home banking app and it worked. Of course, I immediately uninstalled it, because the apk came from a website I don’t remember now and it wasn’t apk mirror; in addition, it was at a previous version, I’m still not able to upgrade it from the play store and can’t find the apk of the latest version.

On the other hand, having the home banking app is essential for me, because sometimes I spend a lot of time (days, even weeks) without touching a computer, but my mobile is always in my pocket. So, after a careful reflection, I decided to give up the root privileges to have my home banking app. Actually I have a sort of hybrid system, I like to call it this way. I flashed the stock rom back in my Moto G 2014 (I’m back to marshmallow) but, since I had unlocked the bootloader, I decided to install TWRP in order to do, occasionally, a nandroid backup.

I realized I can live without Titanium Backup and the root explorer. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by how the stock with a clean install is smooth, responsive and really good, much more than the CM 14.1 nightly. The stock lacks some useful feature I loved about CM, such as the data saving and the live display. But, I confirm this, I can live without them.

Oh, by the way, happy birthday to me.


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