I’ve been reading these days on socials about people who are mad at 2016 because it’s been a terrible year. It’s a matter of points of view. From a global point of view it may have been terrible, of course.

There have been a lot of terroristic attacks here in Europe, many have died; the war in Syria is far from an end; Trump has become the president of the USA; the constitutional referendum here in Italy has failed and Renzi resigned; Italian economy is still stagnant. Many celebrities have died, but this happens because of the ageing of the western population; also, thanks to the internet we are flooded with information, 24/7, about everything.

This looks selfish, but all the things I’ve listed above didn’t hurt me directly, if not emotionally and for a very short time. From my point of view, in my little backyard, 2016 has been a terrific year, many wonderful things happened, things that made me happy and made me improve my life, I made several step forward.

Therefore, since everybody love lists (lists are in the first position of Sheldon’s favorite things list, for example), here’s mine about what made 2016 so great for me (the order is random).

  • I’ve finally graduated with honors.
  • I had my first real job experience in a bank.
  • I have now a real job in the supply chain area of a multinational corporation.
  • I met my girlfriend’s family and she met mine.
  • My best friend got married and many friends are gonna do the same in 2017; the next one will be on february.
  • I’ve started this blog: you should know that running a blog was in some old next year’s resolution but I never took it seriously as I’m doing now.
  • I started taking some time every day to read a book; since I started, last october, I’ve read three and a half of the books composing George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”.
  • My two grannies are still alive and kicking.
  • I’ve learned the SQL language and how to query databases on MySQL and Access.
  • I lost some weight, that is always good.

I’m not gonna make a 2017 resolution because I’m the first one who don’t follow them, I just hope that my 2017  will at least as wonderful as 2016 has been and to those who are not happy with what happened during the last 365 days, I wish you that 2017 will be far better than this 2016.

Happy new year, folks.


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