I have several email account: my serious Gmail one, my less serious outlook one, my family’s company email, and so on.

To set a context for the situation, I use Gmail for serious things like paypal, amazon, job application, while I use the outlook account for social, github, forums, newsletters. I’ve subscribed the github page of lollypop and I’ve been receiving dozens of emails per day since I did it. It’s a way to follow closely the project, because I don’t want to set a remainder to make me visit the page daily. Also, I use to have all my email account in the gmail app, both in my mobile and my tablet and when I’m in front of my computer, I use Thunderbird.

screenshot-from-2016-12-29-18-57-48The problem is that, these emails from github are often useless, because I also receive updates on issues; also, the Gmail app, at least in my case, doesn’t get along with the outlook account: anytime I receive an email in my outlook account and I try to delete it right away from the notification center, that is, without opening gmail, the email just stay there, it doesn’t go to the trash bin and I receive again the notification for the same email in few seconds. Also, no way to put these email into spam.

Today I decided to try the Gmail feature gmailify: it’s a feature to link outlook and yahoo email account into gmail, a sort of alias. You receive the outlook mail into the inbox folder of your gmail account and exploit all the features of gmail, for example labels and well done spam filter.

As soon as I received an email from github, I marked it as spam in Gmail. 10 minutes ago I received 10 of them. This is the screenshot of Thunderbird running on my pc. Spot the difference.

To set up Gmailify is very easy and you have its features both in the mobile and tablet app as well as the web version.



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