The home banking dilemma

I know, it looks like the title of one of “The Big Bang Theory” episodes. As the title says, I’m facing a great dilemma about my home banking app.

The situation is as follow; for simplicity’s sake I’ll show you in brief points.

  • My bank cares a lot about security to the point that the app doesn’t work if you have your mobile rooted.
  • The app is available only for my Moto G 2014, at the moment; if I try to install it in my tablet, a Lenovo A3500H, the play store says that the app is incompatible with this device.
  • On the other hand, on my Moto G 2014 I run the cyanogenmod 14.1, which has a simple switch to activate or deactivate the root access among the developer settings.
  • If I deactivate the root access, Titanium Backup won’t work any longer, and so trimmer and the root access in solid explorer

The question is: is it worth to waive the root privileges of the cm and give up to titanium backup to have the home banking app fully working? 

Is there another way to work this out, for example to install SuperSU and see what happens?


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