First of all, a warning. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, this post may contain spoilers, so you don’t want to read it until you haven’t seen the movie. On the contrary, if you don’t care or you’re not a Star Wars fan but you’re just curious, you’re welcome.

Yesterday I watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first spinoff for the Star Wars saga. As you may know, chronologically, it lies between “The revenge of the Sith” and “A new Hope”: the Empire has fully established its power over the galaxy, Anakin Skywalker is no longer Anakin but he’s Darth Vader, the Republic has gone and there’s a regime based on terror; what’s more, in the final scenes of “The Revenge of the Sith” we see the Death Star under construction. Luke Skywalker has yet to come.
“A New Hope” starts with the Rebellion holding the building plans of the Death Star and they set up a mission to destroy it, since they know there’s a weak point in the imperial destruction machine. “Rogue One” tells how the Rebellion obtained the Death Star’s project and other things.


As I said, it’s a spinoff, there are not the characters we’re used to see in the Star Wars saga, except for very cameos and continuous hints to them. I didn’t have any expectation, just to see a good movie. Maybe this is the reason why when going out of the movie my reaction was “wow”.

This movie is very important for the full understanding of the first trilogy (episodes 4-6). It tells how the Rebellion takes possession of the Death Star. It also tells us that at the beginning the Rebellion was very cautious and its leaders considered the mission as very dangerous, almost a suicide mission and they hardly believed that the Empire was building such a terrible war machine.

We also know from this movie that there is a more radical group which split from the official Rebellion and keeps on doing actions on their own; between the official Rebellion and this radical separatist group led by Saw Guerrera there’s bad blood.

Anyway, the dirty job has been done by a small group of people who really believed the words of the builder of the Death Star, while the leaders of the Rebellion didn’t. They came in their help only when they had the certainty, just like the Late Walder Frey in Game of Thrones.

We can guess from the movie that the Empire was not the perfect mechanism they want us to believe: they experience betrayers and deserters, too, and one of them is the guy who makes the mission possible.

I said that the original Star Wars characters don’t appear in this movie except for cameos; well there’s an exception. Him. Darth Vader. In three movies (episodes 4 to 6, the one he is Darth Vader and not Anakin) he does nothing except fight against Obi-Wan and his son Luke. In this movie we finally see Darth Vader doing something and showing us its huge power.


Concluding, I liked very much this movie, I recommend to all the Star Wars fan to watch it. If you’re not fan, I recommend to you to watch it anyway. It’s a good movie and a reason to start this saga.


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