This came into my mind when I was in church this morning. Yes, folks, I go to church once a year, at Christmas.

The Italian party m5s (moVimento 5 stelle) is like the church. There are several things in common between this party and the church, this latter intended as the hierarchical structure going from the Pope to the last priest. It’s quite funny.

  1. They both obey to a supreme authority: the Pope at one hand, mr. Grillo at the other.
  2. This supreme authority is dogmatically infallible: nobody can argue on what the Pope says, what Grillo says is a sort of unwritten law that must be respected no matter what unless you want to be expelled.
  3. They both consider themselves as the only bearers of the ultimate truth.
  4. They both consider themselves as the purest human beings on the earth while they are worse than anybody.
  5. They both believe in unrealistic things.
  6. Most of their followers are low educated people so it’s easy for them to make them believe anything.
  7. They both have and ultimate enemy: the Devil on one side, the establishment and the dishonesty of all the people who don’t agree with m5s.
  8. A m5s candidate for any seat is tied to m5s willing by means of an indissoluble contract, just like marriage is supposed to be.

The only difference I can think right now is that while we don’t have proof of the existence of God or the fact that Jesus was really what the Gospel says, Casaleggio and Grillo really exists.


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