I’ve done my annual donation to the Mozilla Foundation. Nothing big, just 5 symbolic dollars, but you know, here in Italy we use to say about presents that “it’s the thought that counts”.

They don’t get rich with my 5$, I don’t get poor. It’s just a gesture to show my support for a non-profit organization active in open source. I believe in open source, I think it gives us freedom of choice and the control over our computers, while too often it’s the machine that decides what we can and what we can’t do.

Why Mozilla, then? Because I’ve always been using Firefox since ever and I’d never change my default browser with nothing. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t give a try to other browsers. I’ve tried IE, Edge, Opera, Epiphany, Midori, Rekonq and Chrome (actually, Chrome is currently installed on my laptop for Plex purposes) but I always came back to Firefox.

Actually Firefox has not anything special. From a regular user side, I can’t name a single exclusive feature, I can’t name single feature which is not yet present in Chrome. Chrome is faster, maybe, but it’s a matter of milliseconds; lately, Firefox has been following Chrome in terms of release schedule and a more modern UI, simply because today Chrome is the standard, thanks to the enormous power of Google. Firefox is not better than Chrome, but simply I don’t care. It’s a matter of habits and as Mick Jagger used to sing, “old habits die hard“.

Also, I have a thing for underdogs. I’m a supporter of AC Milan, of Boston Celtics, I’ve always preferred Nadal over Federer, Tottenham over Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund over Bayern Munich, Firefox over Chrome. Mozilla is a sort of hero, a Dave vs Goliath, fighting against the IE monopoly first and now lagging behind Chrome’s unreachable market share. But I don’t care, I love Firefox.

P.S.: if you want to give Firefox a try, here’s the link. You won’t regret, trust me.


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