It’s well known that Google has always been one step ahead, for years, and maybe, silently, it has come first in the rush for convergence, overperforming folks like Canonical and Microsoft, folks which have been going after convergence like it was the Saint Graal.

In this context, convergence is intended, put it simple, as doing the same things no matter the device, and all the tools to accomplish your task, no matter the device, look the same.
Convergence was waved as a vessil by Canonical with Unity and Ubuntu touch but you know, Canonical market share is negligible. The sameis trying to do Microsoft, both with the Continuum project and the fact that they put their once exclusive apps both in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Convergence, by Joe Belfiore
Mark Shuttleworth’s style convergence


I think the real convergence is a Chromebook. Think about it. Most of the people uses their computer to surf the net, mainly social networks, watch videos on youtube, check and write emails and edit simple documents, listen to some music, catalogue photos they’ve taken. For these people a computer is not a specific mean to do these tasks, it’s one of many, it’s just one mean to do those stuff. The same number of things could be esaily done on a smartphone or a tablet. I think that these people don’t care having a computer because all the things they usually do on a computer they can be done on a smartphone. Also, if you don’t do maintenance sometimes, you computer becomes slow, behaves strangely, the hardware gets outdated.

Google came with a nice solution. Google made possible to do all these things using a browser, Google’s browser, thanks to the web apps. They also created an operative system based entirely on Google Chrome and the webapps, an operative system that run on a family of computer called Chromebooks, which are quite cheap. All you need to do your everyday stuff is a web connection and you’re done. They are becoming more and more popular, but some people may complain that they can’t play Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga, that the Netflix app is more cool than the website.


A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that soon Chrome OS will be able to run Android apps as well as the Play Store to download them. It stinks a lot of convergence, doesn’t it? What’s more, consider they don’t need to invent anything since Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser and everybody knows Android. Combine this with a quite cheap laptops. 2+2 is equal to 4.


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