The title speaks for itself. I really hate this company because of the quality of some of its products and the policy it has for updates. It’s really annoying.

When my beloved Nokia E72 dived into the smelly waters of my toilet I was able to recover it by leaving it 3 days on the hot top of the coffee machine of the bar I worked for. But the gsm/3g antenna was blown, so the result was that I had a nice mp3 player with camera, able to go on the internet through WiFi and a full qwerty keyboard. No phone. I had to change, I decided to go with Android.

Considering that my budget was about € 250, I could not afford to buy a Galaxy S3, a high end HTC or an iPhone. I bought a Galaxy S advance. Initially, it looked really cool, it came out with Gingerbread that was fair (it was mid 2013). After the update to Jelly Bean (4.1.2), it was a complete mess. The software was scarcely optimized for the hardware, the touchwiz was horrible.

Thinking about it, the look and feel was really nice, but the plastic was very cheap, like the one you expect to get in a €99 phone, not on the revamp of one of the most successful Samsung phones and not in a € 229 phone. After 6 months, the usb port started behaving weirdly, sometimes the phone charged, sometimes not. Lastly, the device has never received further software upgrades. Never.

What’s annoying about Samsung is that they put on sales tons of devices every month but, unless you buy the top, that is a Galaxy S series, the Note series or, recently, the A series, you are abandoned to yourself, your device will never be upgraded to a newer version of Android because they try to make you buy a newer device. Also, compared to their prices, the materials used seems cheap, unless, as I told, you buy the top (the A series devices are completely in aluminium, for example). If you are unlucky enough to have a buggy rom, you have to keep it or try some modded rom. This is not fair. I also have a DTT receiver for the pay tv, it has never received a software update in years. This is not fair.

After this episode I swore not to buy anymore a single thing having the Samsung logo on its top and discouraged people to buy Samsung.


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