Yesterday, Italians were called to vote the constitutional reform promoted by the Prime Minister, mr. Renzi, and its Democratic Party (mainly). The die is cast, Italians didn’t want the reform, the “no” won with 59.11% of preferences, while “yes” had 40.89%. This means that the organization of the Italian Republic will stay exactly the same, we will keep having 630 members of the House of Representative and 315 Senators, we will still have the infamous CNEL that will keep doing nothing.

The areas where “yes” won were the regions where the Democratic Party is traditionally strong, almost unbeatable, that is Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, while “no” won in other traditionally democratic areas like Umbria and Marche (but “yes” was close to the 50%); “yes” largely won in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, where the majority of people is German-speaking (and thinking).

Like in any national scale election, also Italians abroad was given the possibility to vote and guess what? Among Italians abroad, “yes” gained the larger support, 64.7% of preferences. Maybe those who went abroad seeking for a real job and better conditions are the only one who are able to see the how Italy and Italian institutions and, Italians, also, are dirty and rotten? Or it’s just because the Democratic Party sent them propagandistic material trying to persuade them to vote “yes”? I don’t know, but, if I am to bet 1 € I will place it to the first reason.

The popular economic newspaper IlSole 24 Ore made an analysis of the vote according to the age classes and the levels of unemployment at provincial level. The results are impressive. Apparently, there’s a strong linkage between the weight of the younger people and the share of “no”: wherever the population is young, the “no” won. Mr. Renzi was betrayed by the social class he tried to represent more, the one he believed he represented.

Il risultato del referendum a confronto con..


The result is unappealable when putting together the share of “no” with the youth unemployment: whereby the youth unemployment is higher, let’s say 20% of more, the “no” won with shares you can find in the presidential elections in Russia or Turkey.

Renzi has been defeated by the weakest social classes in Italy: the young, the unemployed, the poor ones. These are the social classes that should be at the heart of the ideas and the proposals of the Democratic Party, these are supposed to be the classes that more than others should be represented by Renzi, but they felt betrayed by the choices of our government after almost 3 years he was in charge. It’s sad.

As he promised, last night, mr. Renzi announced he will resign today, we’re still waiting he will officially announce it. Did he fail? Maybe. It’s too early to judge him for his whole action as Prime Minister. Of course, you have to take unpopular measures, no way you can make 60 million people equally happy. What I always say, at least he tried, while other Prime Minister did nothing. He did a lot of things in 34 months, more than other executives combined did in 10 years. He could always have done in a different way, everything can always be done better. And something is better than nothing, I say, but I also recall one of the most famous quotation by Yoda “Do. Or do not. There is no try”.

Starting by tomorrow, it’s the turn of the “no” front, a bunch of the most heterogeneous parties combined by the only will to make this government fall. We will be buried with laughter.



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