My laptop, as well as my desktop PC have Windows 10 in dual boot along with Debian (also Arch in the Desktop, but that’s another story). Since I mainly use Debian, I keep the Windows installations because I have paid for them when I bought my pc and, as you know, the procedure for the refund of the license is Byzantine (and by saying Byzantine I’m nice).

Also, I’m forced to use Windows for some operations I can’t absolutely do in any Linux distribution, such as the app of my financial advisor which runs only on Windows and there’s not the possibility to do operations on their website.

Well, both the computers have been updated to Windows 10; in particular, the Desktop came with Windows 7, which is the best Windows iteration ever, while the laptop came with Windows 8.1. So, this is my review of Windows 10 on my laptop, since the desktop is my brother’s reign.

Windows 10 is full of shit.

Ok, that’s the long version of the story.

What I don’t like.

  1. Redundancy everywhere. Two control panels, the old one and the modern one, doing different things. A newbie couldn’t even note the presence of the old control panel, but, if he is used to the old Windows and he want to change some settings and he is not able to find them in the new settings menu, he would be panicked. I think I am a streetwise user and, for example, the thing that file history backup is in the new settings while to make a full image of my os or create a recovery usb disk I have to find the old control panel (which is hidden somewhere) makes me mad as hell. Why in the world should I have two image viewers?
  2. The apps. Oh don’t let me talk about apps, please. Ok, maybe I should. Well, I hate apps. I think apps should remain confined in the mobile world, since they are a lighter version of desktop applications, for what concerns installable application meaning a .exe file to install, while apps where  the alternative is the browser belong to another category. Why should I install the Dropbox app which does not sync my files while I can install the desktop version, for example? Why should I install some newspaper app when I can just go to the website? It’s a computer, holy shit, it should be able to do more complex things than a tablet, given the much more powerful hardware. Also, some of the apps that comes with WIndows 10 are just awful.
    1. Mail. Oh my God. It’s terrifying. I constantly have sync issues with my google account. Few customization options, the spam filter is silly, no built in rss reader.
    2. Groove. Please, it’s a pain in the ass. I have music saved in another partition of my disk, which is correctly mounted since I can open and browse the files in it, but Groove seems to be unable to read mp3 from it. Actually, I’ve realized that there’s not a single decent music player for Windows, both in terms of features and look and feel. In terms of features, ok, it’s plenty, we have vlc, foobar, winamp, but they look awful and contrasting with Windows UI.
    3. Why the hell should I install VLC for windows while I can use the desktop version which has all the features you can imagine despite the awful look?
  3. You, in the back. Are you talking about the Continuum mode? Is that because there are the apps, the same running in Windows mobile? Well for me it’s useless. Tell me, honestly, how many people have a Lumia 950, the famous high-end device which came out with a crippled mobile os? You can count them on two hands. Of those people, how many have the continuum dock support or how the hell is it called? One hand is enough.
  4. While using Windows 8 I had a decent 4 hours of battery life with balanced mode, by using the same power setting in Windows 10 I have half, 2 hours, my Debian does better. I also want to point out that I have disabled most of the background running programs and apps, I have disabled the location, the bluetooth, the brightness is set to a value that allows me to see the screen. Windows 10 is literally killing my battery.
  5. OEM’s share of blame: My laptop is an Acer and I still wait Acer to release windows 10 compatibles signed drivers, in particular for the video card, since I can’t just download the latest driver from Intel website and install it because it doesn’t have Acer signature. The result is that, randomly, I get a notification telling that the video card has stopped.

Don’t be sad, there’s always the silver lining.

  1. The calendar app is well done, I like it, I can get over the sync problems with Google account. Really, I’m not joking.
  2. The UI is very beautiful, let me say it. I like it. Both the new icons and the bottom bar.
  3. They have put back a usable start menu. I really hated the menu in Windows 8.1, it was a messy jumble of stuff, you were hardly able to tell modern apps from desktop counterparts when looking at the tiles and the icons.
  4. The notification center. Microsoft presented the notification center showing the same enthusiasm Nasa put in the announcement of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, but I don’t care. Just one thing: finally!
  5. Cortana. I don’t use the voice but I really like having a menu google now style, where you can both search for stuff in the pc, stuff in the web (well, Bing results can surprise you) and have the news, the weather forecast and other stuff based on my interests.



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