Let’s be honest, it’s plenty of note taking apps out there: Evernote, Google Keep, OneNote, the stock app of your browser, just to mention some of them.
I’ve never used OneNote because I’ve never understood how it worked, I remember that in my Lumia this app was system, so impossible to uninstall, slow to open and slow to do things; I’ve never used it even if it comes with my Windows and Office pro. Never used, never liked, hate at first sight.

On the contrary, I’ve used Evernote for years because, mainly, it was the only decent note taking app. I’m lying. Evernote is not just decent, it’s a great app. First of all, if you have a lot of devices and OS, Evernote runs on everything: there are apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, web extensions for Firefox and Chrome, as far as I know but they may be more. It has text formatting, it has tons of features and some great companion apps, such as Skitch to draw with your finger in the notes or highlight something in a picture attached to a note.

Of course, if you want to have all the feature unlocked to unleash the full power of Evernote (email forward, pdf annotation, offline access, customer support, business card scan and digitalization, just to mention) you have to subscribe a plus or premium plan, which entails a yearly subscription fee, otherwise you stay with the basic free plan and you can live happy with it even though they give you 60MB of cloud space for new uploads per month.


Well, I don’t use Evernote anymore, I ditched it for Google Keep and you may wonder why I did it, since, comparing features, Evernote is far better. Google Keep lacks of text formatting, lacks of notebooks, lacks of companion apps, email forwarding, pdf features. Google keep runs only on Android; for desktop, you can use the app if you usually surf the net with Chrome otherwise you have to go to keep.google.com. No way to have an app or a web wrapper on Linux or Windows, no way you can have Google Keep on Windows Phone.

So, why the hell did you do it?

I did it for simplicity’s sake.

Not always the equation more features = better app is true. It depends on one’s needs. Mines were not such. I just needed an app for note taking, something light, fast, to write and record things on the go with my mobile. I don’t care about text formatting, because I don’t write notes that looks like essays, they are not long, so I don’t need text formatting. I don’t need notebooks: Google Keep let you select the background color or your notes, so I set that each colors means something, for example red is for important things, orange is job, grey is blog stuff. Also, I don’t write thousands of notes to imply a stronger categorization.

Isn’t it beatuful? Notes seems alive!

I have a lot of devices running different OS, but I realized I don’t need the same note taking app in every device. C’mon, it’s 2016, almost 2017, smartphones are essential part of our lives, we have faster internet connection. If I need to check a note, I know that my smartphone is always in the right front pocket of my jeans, because wherever you go you have your smartphone, always, don’t bullshit me. At worst, I use the web service.

What’s more, Keep is Google, so it couldn’t be better integrated in Android and in the Google ecosystem. The cloud space is the Drive one, so we start from 15 GB, we can share notes in Google docs for cooperating editing; it has built in OCR support and speech to text recognition when you record a note. You can draw or handwrite without the need of another app. Finally, I feel Keep much resource and storage space consuming than evernote.
What? Oh, are you asking about the scan. Well, Google Drive has a built in  document scanner.


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