Today I don’t want to overheat my brain since I had a lively weekend and I’m still paying the consequences. So, today no open source, nor Linux, nor Android. Instead, I want to talk about music and, in particular, one of my favorite albums ever.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen. Ok, I know who he is, I know a bunch of his songs but I never made the commitment to listen to all his discography as I did, for example, with Muse, Electric Light Orchestra or Led Zeppelin. I can’t say the exact reason why I did not: music involves feelings, maybe Springsteen’s songs didn’t touch my rights strings; in Springsteen’s songs electric guitar is a secondary element: I’ve never heard an enthralling riff or a massive guitar solo; there’s no space for virtuosities (ok, up to High Hopes, thanks Tom Morello), music serves as accompaniment for the lyrics. Another reason for not having fallen in love with The Boss is the fact that, whene I start listen to him, it was 10 years ago and my English was much poorer than now; I couldn’t understand the lyrics nor understand what he is trying to say (New Jersey’s accent is not so wonderful, sorry).

Well, some months ago I gave another chance to the Boss and, in particular, to his most famous album, Born in the USA. I’ve bought the cd so that I can listen to it in my car while driving, because when driving I’m much more focused and music is not just a background (and my car has a nice stereo, let me say it); in that period I was working 40 minutes driving far away, so it was perfect.

I have completely changed my mind about Springsteen, a 180 degree turn. I’ve found in Born in the USA a very coherent album, in the sense that all the tracks have a well defined musical pattern digging in the roots of American music, as well as the topics embraced. It’s an album talking about being Americans, about how life in New Jersey looks like. It’s autobiographical, no doubt about it. It covers the life span of a boy who has been sent to Vietnam, where he losts one of his closest friend, maybe the same Bobby Jean of track 8, maybe the same person who the leading character (I can guess he is inspired by Springsteen itself) drove back and forth along Darlington country. But he did it, he came back from Vietnam, while his friend didn’t make it. He has a job as mechanic, where he meets a woman (according to the video, she’s married) who wants sto have an affair with him. At the end we find this man older, grown up, sat at the bar with a couple of friends, having a couple of beers while recalling when he was young, his glory days. Very american.

Born in the USA, besides the title track which is maybe the most famous song by Springsteen, has several beautiful tracks with a very enthralling rhythm, perfect to be whistled and sung while driving, without straying from the most typical E-street band sound for a little while. I think that, whether you are a fan of Bruce Springsteen or not, you must listen to this album at least once and you can start doing it by clicking on the Spotify playlist.


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