I am a curious person and not in the sense of that kind of person who asks you everything about your personal life. I’m curious about the world and the things I see and those that I think are interesting. I just want to know more and more and more, it’s inevitable.

I have studied up to the master degree; I have indeed a master degree in International Economics and Business, awarded with honors; I’ve studied a lot of statistics, econometrics and political economy, I fully believe in science and in numbers and in the fact that technology is at our command, to help us to know more. I read a lot of books, news and essays, I try to build my own idea about what I read and the fact that happens, I believe I have a critical mind. in the same way I firmly believe in science and knowledge, I hate ignorance and mostly the ignorant, in particular those who are ignorants but have an important role in the world.

I believe knowledge is power, you can do everything through a deep knowledge, that’s why I struggle every day to increase it. My thirst of knowledge is endless, I long to master economics and statistics, to master the programs to elaborate data, the financial models, coding.

Yet, I admit I have wasted a lot of time doing a hateful job but I needed money and I still need, everybody needs money; now it’s maybe too late to fulfill my desires, that’s why I’m so deeply disappointed with myself and miserable.

People, study, increase your knowledge until you have the chance, because maybe one day you’ll realize that it will be too late and you’ll regret everything.


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