After having read the suggestion of Prestoscritto, being a TSA (Tv Series Addicted) I started watching it. My friend, you were right, this series looks very, very much promising.

You should know that every year, when the time of the US President giving his speech about the State of the Union comes, a member of the cabinet doesn’t attend the session but he’s taken to a secure and classified location. This because the State of the Union speech is given by the President at the Capitol, in DC, in plenary, so, if there was a terrorist attack and both the President and the cabinet members don’t survive the attack, there would still be a member of the cabinet who takes in and ensure the government continuity. This is the assumption upon which this series is based.

Many of the actors starring are well known, such as Kiefer Sutherland (the dear Jack Bauer of 24) as Tom Kirkland, the leading actor; Natasha McElhone (you should remember her as Karen in Californication) as his wife; general Cochrane played by Kevin McNally, famous for having portrayed Master Gibbs in Pirates of the Caribbean.


The series is engaging, there are little/no dead times, there’s suspense and several and not banal or forseeable plot twists; dialogues seems to be well written (I have just finished watching episode 5).

Other impressions. The series has actually two sections which are, for the moment, separated: one regarding the ups and downs of the appinted president, the other regarding the investigations lead by the FBI. The former part recalls in a broad sense House of Cards, with all the political intrigues, while the latter seems Homeland, especially for the scenes depicting the President in the Ops Room.

In conclusion, I like this series very much and for now it filled up the empty space left by Homeland, whose 6th season will start next January and not this October as usual; if you have the chance, start watching it.


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