Mods are not always good for you rooted Android device. For example, my Lenovo A3500H tablet. I’ve rooted it in order to use Titanium Backup and remove all the bloatware that Lenovo installed on it. Well, I’ve also tried a lot of mods with the hope and the illusion to enhance the performances of my tablet.

It’s been just an illusion. Take the combo LSpeed and No-Frills CPU Control. The first mod (originally was a script to be flashed from the recovery and managed via terminal emulator) promises to bring your android device to the next level of performances, making it faster, increasing the battery life, making the UI much smoother, fixing several little problem you weren’t even aware they existed. About the second, well, most of you knows it, No-Frills serves to set the min and max cpu frequencies, set the governor and the scheduler; of course, if you don’t have a clue of what those items mean, you can google for them or check the XDA developers forum.

By using these two mods I apparently solved some little issues but I ran into three main problems:

  • the device took so long to boot (we’re talking about 5-7 minutes)
  • Whenever I set the airplane mode off, after a little while, the device freezed for some minutes, I got only black blank screen and the navbar. Unusable.
  • Whenever I was updating apps from the Play Store it seems that all the resources were allocated to this task, making again the device unusable.

This situation was unacceptable; and don’t blame me for the mod or because I have chosen the wrong scheduler or the wrong governor. I know cpu governors and schedulers quite well since I am a daily linux user; to be sure, I also read carefully several articles on the Internet explaining how cpu schedulers and governors work on Android.

Well, guess what? I’ve removed these two mods and now my tablet is fast and smooth as it has never been.


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