Yesterday, after a series of events which led my mobile not to have the apps installed on the microSD anymore (my bad, I presume), I patiently sat on my chair, opened the Google Play Store and installed back, all of them. At a certain point, among the suggested apps, I see that app described as the worl 8th marvel, IFTTT, that is, If This Then That.

I know you all know what IFTTT is but, if some reader lived on Mars, here’s a quick description. IFTTT is an app (wow, really?) that promises to help you automate a lot of tasks of your Android device, especially those things you always forget to do or hate to do, for example:

  • turn off the WiFi when you leave home/turn on the WiFi when you get home
  • Set automatically the do not disturb mode at a certain time and remove it, for example when you wake up
  • automatically shar you blog’s posts on the socials
  • turn off the lights when you leave home or turn on the washing machine at the time you want to

And thousands more.

Wow. Cool. Give a Nobel to that man who invented it. I install it, of course. Ok, I don’t have a smart home, I don’t have Phillips Hue lights or a washing machine who is connected to my home network but for me it would be nice to have the WiFi automatically turned on or off when I get home or leave home, it would be wonderful to have this very post automatically shared on all the socials as soon as I click on the “post” button, it would be nice to have my Instagram photos automatically shared on twitter as native pictures and not only awful links, just to remember that Twitter hates Instagram.

I swear I set the right address of my home, I swear the GPS works properly because Google Maps always me drove correctly, but I left home at 2 PM to go to an appointment 60 km far and I still waiting for my WiFi to be turned off by IFTTT.

You can guess the conclusion. I’ve “automatically” turned off IFTTT by uninstalling it, now I’m thinking what to write in my 1 star review.

Edit: maybe it’s that IFTTT doesn’t support properly Androdi 7.1; indeed, in my old tablet running Kit Kat (4.4.2), IFTTT works -.-“


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