I can’t help trying new stuff, you know me. Well, of course Google Inbox didn’t escape my trials. I appreciated and still appreciate the mechanisms on which this app is based, I like the dividing the received emails according to topics and the attempt to divide them using a sort of importance ranking but for my needs this mechanism is not perfect yet.

Maybe it’s been my fault but sometimes I did not understand why certain email were labelled as “updates” while other times were labelled as “purchases” or “travels”; sometimes an important email was automatically labelled in a low importance category and I did not receive any notification at all, which is quite frustrating. I also created a specific label to assign to emails received from my thesis advisor and my tutor for my master thesis. Unluckily, my advisor uses his university email for everything, for example for the Gretl users mailing list, so I got under this label the mailing list. I took time to understand how to tune it.

I feel the sorting of email chaotic in Inbox; emails are sorted by labels first and then by date, I don’t like it; Gmail sorting is plain and simple and that’s what I need. I felt like I lost the control of my emails. I came back to Gmail. I created a list of labels and the categorization of the email is made manually, but I don’t care. Since I have several email accounts and Gmail have been supporting multi account and multi provider for months, Gmail is perfect for me, it’s much more immediate, user-friendly and optimally set out of the box. Inbox requires a certain amount of fine tuning and learning curve, both for the user and the algorithm.

This image is taken from internet, of course.

Maybe I’ll give Inbox a try in the future.

What I really miss is the email delaying. You receive an email you don’t want to read right now but if you don’t you risk not to read it anymore? Well, you can postpone it and receive a notification at the time you set. Just amazing. On the other hand, in Gmail, if you don’t read an email immediately and you receive a lot of emails there’s the risk that this email gets lost in the pile, even if you mark it unread. This is a wonderful feature which is not yet present in Gmail and maybe will never be, but it’s a little price I’m willing to pay to have the full control of my mailbox.


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