I’ve tried many launchers: Samsung stock, Lenovo stock, Apex, Action, Pixel Laucher, Holo launcher, Google Now Launcher and Trebuchet (maybe I have forgotten some) but none of them is like Nova. Nova launcher is unique because it can be just like you want. Here’s 7 reasons why you should use it instead of your sluggish default launcher (did somebody say touchwiz on cheap Samsung devices?)

  1. It’s nice, shiny, it requires few MB of ram and few MB in your storage and with this little amount of resources it can do more things and better than the others.
  2. It’s extremely customizable: you can nearly do whatever you want of your home screen and app drawer. You can set card app drawer, vertical drawer, tabs for both apps and widgets, you can make your home screen looks like Android Gingerbread as well as it can be an almost(*) perfect reproduction of the newest Pixel launcher. You can even set the appearence of the search bar the way you like.
  3. Themes. Nova launcher can work with most of the themes available in the store, so that your launcher can be similar to the MIUI one, or have the same icons as iOS or Windows Phone.
  4. You will never see an ad among the settings.
  5. You have finally found the Perfect Setting for your home screen? You can share it thanks to the backup and restore feature in the settings menu. You can even upload your backup on Google Drive!
  6. Competitors: IMHO no launcher can get close to Nova in terms of numbers of features and easy of use and nice looking out of the box. Action 3 for me is quite complicated, while, up to several months ago, the last time I used it, Apex was similar to Nova with regards of numbers of features and high customization.
    • Google Now Launcher. This launcher brings you the BEST Google experience, it’s awesome, but there are few settings (ok, few settings unless you use a xposed module), you can’t disable animations if your device has insufficient RAM or a cheap gpu. This launcher has the inimitable swipe left which opens Google Now that for me is like the most amazing invention after internet.
    • Pixel Launcher. It’s the evolution of Google Now Launcher, it promieses to bring on every device running Nougat the Google Pixel experience but, so far, it has no customization options, you can’t have the Google Now Cards on swiping left unless you install it as a system app, you can’t have the weather widget unless you edit your build.prop file.

    Nova Launcher can replicate almost perfectly the Google Experience or the Pixel experience (see my home screen) but there is only one thing it can’t do: the swipe left to have the Now cards. No way, you can’t have them but you can surrogate this feature with…

  7. Gestures!

Bonus: the Prime version is priced € 4.99 but it’s frequently a special offer and you can buy it just for 10 cents (as I did it, no way I’d spent the money that can buy a pint of Guinness for an app). If you have the premium version you can unleash all its power and use Tesla Unread to have a small label beside icons indicating the unread messages as well as the unread emails, the missed phone calls or just the unread notification in FB.

Pixel Experience 😀
(*) almost because, see point 6), Nova Launcher but actually no launcher, except Action 3 (but it’s an experimental feature and if I remember correctly, only if you buy the premium app) can replicate the swipe left for Google Now present in both Google Now Luncher and Pixel Launcher.

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