A couple of days ago a friend of mine called me, worried, that one computer of his office didn’t work anymore and that computer was important because it was the only one where he has installed the software for land registering. 
“Ok, tell me what happened” “Well, I have a black blank screen but the pc has power because I can see the led lights on” “Ok, at a first glance it’s your monitor or the video card. Try to unplug the monitor and plug a different one into the pc and tell me what happened”.

The day after I went to his office to try to solve his situation. Turning the monitor on, I have the splash screen of the producer of the monitor. Shit, it’s not the monitor. I unplugged every wire from the pc, opened the case. There was no other reason. “Hey, buddy, your pc has a deadly disease: dust. Take this video card, go outside, blows into the fan and clean it”.

Five minutes later the video card was back in its place and the pc fully working. The moral? Occasionally, take your goddamn’ Phillips screwdriver, open the case and remove the dust. It’s a five minutes work and can save your PC life from overheating and can make you save a lot of money of repair. It’s like an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


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