Technician for free


Given the following conditions

A) You are an advanced user of Windows, that is, you can solve on your own those small but sometimes relevant problems that otherwise would require the help of a well paid technician.

B)  Your parents, your kin and your friends are aware that you can remove that virus they really don’t know how could their computer be infected – they pay a lot of attention, they say (did somebody say porn?)

If A) and B) are true, than you are a 24/7 technician. 

In other words, you’re one of those will be required to remove virus or check for a cable badly plugged or explain step by step how to burn a disc at any time of the day, any day of the year, in your worst moment. They will phone you while you’re having a shower and, since you don’t answer, they will come at your place and will break down your door. They will ask you how to change the background of their desktop while you’re abroad, they will beg you to take a plane and go to see their pc, because “you know how to do it, you only take 30 seconds”.


Next time you do something like this before somebody, just don’t do it and pretend you don’t have a clue about how to do that thing. Suddenly, strange phone calls will stop and your life will be better. No, you won’t be rich.


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