I should not enter in this topics, I know it. First, because I’m quite far away from USA so I’m not directly interested in DJT becoming the first president who have never had previous political offices.

I remember a sketch in an episode of “The Simpsons”: there was a little Homer saying to his father something like “When I’ll be a grown man I wanna be the president of the USA” and Abe replied “You dumbass! This country contrieved an entire system to prevent people like you from becoming the president” (sorry, I don’t remember the exact episode nor the exact quote)

Well, the old Abe was wrong. That system has a bug. Or, when that system was devised, they didn’t consider the rage of the people against the establishment, the globalization, the old fashioned politics, Wall Street, the lobbies and the climate change deniers. How could they?

That’s the democracy, baby. Somebody must have voted him and now you have to accept the result and keep it, at least for four years of office. At least, you have an elected president. Here in Italy we have a prime minister no one voted for. Now, the die is cast, there’s nothing you can do about it. Sorry Americans.


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