Balance sheet

The first week of life of this blog – my creature – has ended. I want to crunch some numbers with you.

So, in the first week I had 57 unique visitor and this blog has been reached 144 times; having written 10 post, this makes 5.7 visitors/post with 14.4 visits each, on average.
On a daily basis, on average I get 20.57 visits per day and 8.14 visitors (sometimes I wrote more than one article in a single day). Excluded the home page, which has been viewed 24 times (maybe somebody just reached it and then they fleed), the most viewed articles are the story on how I began using linux and the guide to have Spotify desktop without ads.
The core of the visits come from Italy, 76.4% of the total, followed by USA (20.8%) and these people found out of my blog on Twitter or by googleing something (thanks, WordPress SEO optimization). The highest number of visits happened last friday, in the very first day of life of this blog, while the highest number of unique visitors was reached yesterday (14).

What do these numbers say? Surely, at least somebody likes reading what I write. Are these number high for a newborn blog? I don’t have a clue. As I say in the info section, this blog is a way to keep me engaged while looking for a job; notheless, I like it, I like writing and sharing my thoughts and my experiences, I hope to keep it going long and that the number of those who read me increases. For the moment, thank you.

P.S.: BTW, tomorrow I have a job interview in a firm quite far from my place; I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to write something.


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