At the end I heeded my dear friend L and I bought the Chromecast 2. In the first place, I’d never have bought it, I don’t want to spend € 39.00 on something that for me is a plus, because I have watched movies and TV series on the 19″ screen of my desktop pc. I did it because when I graduated my friends gave me a gift card of a famous electronic and IT megastore and, sooner or later, I have to use it before the expiration day.

And I bought it. Even though I consider it an accessory, the kid and the geek in me couldn’t wait to go home and set it up on my tvTV Maybe some of you are asking why I couldn’t just put the movies on a USB stick and watch them on the tvTV The answer is that I just don’t watch TV so, for me, all TVs are the same, with regards of the screen diagonal. So two years ago I bought an unknown Chinese full HD tv 32″ but that has 3 HDMI ports, 4 usb ports, CAM reader and built in dvd player but that doesn’t read .mkv or some mpeg4 video formats. That’s sad.

The remainder of the story is quite obvious: I went home, I set the Chromecast up in few minutes and did some try both from my smartphone and my pc. My pc. There lie the mournful notes. As you know, I use mainly GNU/Linux, Debian to be precise; as an open source enthusiast I try to use as much open source as I can, so I usually  surf the net through Firefox or Chromium, with the latter more suitable for Chromecast mirroring.
Well, the web page mirroring didn’t work, so I had to install its closed source counterpart, Google Chrome; also, maybe because I’m on Debian and not on Windows, the full screen mirroring wasn’t able to mirror the audio. In other words, I tried to mirror the whole screen while playing a video on vlc: the video was mirrored, the audio wasn’t.
I had to install the Plex media server; luckily they also provide .deb packages (Of course, soon, I’ll check if there’s a way to do what Plex does using Kodi).

Well, despite this open source issues, I was almost touched when watching Star Wars episode IV: A New Hope in 1080p on my tv, I could spot pimples on a young Mark Hamil’s face. I felt like Chromecast was the most amazing invention of this decade, I am really happy with it.

The moral of the story is this. There are things that you think they don’t change yourl life, not a bit, but, when you try them, you just can’t go back. Chromecast + Plex combo is one of them.


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