I didn’t say it yet, but I’ve been an enthusiast Linux user for 8 years. I’m not one of those users who tell you how to do quite complex things and some command line magic, no I’m not. I’m just a regular user, shrewd enough to solve some small problems on my own and experimenting without causing irreversible damages.

In my case, GNU/Linux* (and not just Linux: if Richard Stallman read this, he’d have me killed) was the answer to a simple question, a question that every windows user, sooner or later, will ask to somebody:

How the hell can I make this damn Windows faster?

Trust me: Stallman could not be as nice as he looks like.

Asking Google this question you’ll receive a lot of answers, you’ll be redirected to thousands of blogs suggesting you the most diverse things to do, from buying more ram, to clean your pc from useless files using CCleaner or Advanced System Care. They will tell you to keep your drivers up to date, to disable some services, to disable the desktop composition and have your Windows 7 look like Windows 98, to disable all the programs starting at boot, not to use a background to make boot faster, to keep few icons on the desktop, to disable the indexing, to call for a shaman, to pray the Drowned God.

Windows 98 on a intel core i5 would be faster than light.

You will do exactly as they say to do, but, sooner or later, all this won’t be enough and your Windows will slow down again.

Then, you suddenly remember something you read once, when you were looking for a way to make your pc go faster. You read it fleetingly, because you did not understand a single word of that suggestion:

“Use GNU/Linux, man”

That’s how I started. I’d never go back.

*GNU is an acronym; it stands for GNU is NOT UNIX


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