All of us have our favorite apps, anytime we buy a new device they are the first thing we install. It takes all sorts to make a world, so here’s my 5 ones.

  1. Google Photos. This app is like your mother coming at your place and tidies up everything because your place is actually a mess. It sorts your photos, creates album according to the location tag and it saves all you pictures on Google Drive and from times to times it say to you “hey, I stored your picture in the cloud, you can see them anytime you want and your device is so poor on storage, why don’t you let me free some space for you?”. Aw, just amazing.
  2. Google Drive. I’ll be honest: at the beginning I was very skeptical about it. I already had Dropbox, which runs under any mobile and desktop OS, this one worked only on Android and Windows, no way to have it on Linux. Then, Google improved this product a lot. Now, used in combo with Google Photos is wonderful, you have unlimited storage for your pictures; the default storage has been risen to 15 GB besides the photos storage and now it can also scan your documents. This feature is the one I loved most because it helped me to get rid of CamScanner.
  3. Instapaper/Pocket. I haven’t decided yet which one to use. They do the same things but they do it differently. One is minimal, just black and white like you’re reading on your Kindle or a late 70s newspaper. One gives more space to the pitures and uses a bit of color. One use folders, one uses tags. You can either import in Instapaper from Pocket or import in Pocket from Instapaper. To be or not to be? (I have talked about them here)
  4. Google Play Music. Again, I’ll be honest. No, more than honest. Raw, straightforward. I don’t give a shit about their radios, their streaming service, there’s Spotify for that. The plus of this app is that you can upload up to 50000 (yes, you read correctly: fifty thousands) songs from your pc and listen to them whenever you want, wherever you want. It was a vital feature, because, up to some months ago, if I remember correctly, Beatles weren’t on Spotify. And of course, this helped me save 25 GB on my external HDD when doing the scheduled backup.

    I’d have stopped at the second icon
  5. Greenify. You know, there are a lot of apps born to help you to save juice. Well, forget about them if you have a rooted device. Greenify is what it takes.


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