Spotify, the very well-known music streaming service, everybody uses it, it’s one of the most amazing inventions in this decade; it gives you the possibility to listen to almost any kind of music, you can install it on your pc, smartphone, tablet, smart tv, Android, iOS, Windows Phone (seriously) e I’m receiving word that you can install Spotify even on Blackberry and Symbian (source: Wikipedia, may it be praised).

Just one click on a playlist and you have it saved in all your devices; you can even use your smartphone as a Spotify remote control when Spotify is playing on another device, only if the devices are connected to the same home network.

You know, everything has a price; what’s the price for this marvel? The premium version, that allows you to listen to music even offline, so that you don’t use all your data it’s priced here in Italy € 9.90/month; sometimes there are some special offers. The free version, the one that I have because I’m just a poor boy and nobody likes me, inevitably lacks some premium features such as high quality streaming and offline, but it’s for free. While listening, you are sometimes interrupted by some nice and non invasive ads (sarcasm mode: off).

Ok, the thing is that every three songs you get an ad, lasting 30 seconds. Don’t trust the vocal message sayin’ that if you let that long ads play you’ll get 30 minutes of music ad-free, it doesn’t work! I hate ads, that’s the point, but it’s also some kind of ethical question on the internet and for the moment I don’t want to go in ethics.
I was saying, the ads. Playing Spotify on mobile devices there’s nothing you can do: ads or glory, that is, ads or you have to pay for the ads-free premium. You also get ads in the desktop app (by the way, how do you call a desktop program? app? executable? I don’t remember, since we have smartphones, everything is an app). But, there is a nice way out for the desktop version: you can avoid the nasty ads, listen only to music without being premium and saving a lot of Mb on your HDD, because you’re not going to install anything. On the contrary, you’re gonna uninstall the desktop version of Spotify.

It’s no trick, it’s no illusion. Are you familiar with that Google Chrome’s feature, “add to desktop”? I know you saw it at least once, you don’t know what it is and you don’t wanna know but, trust me, it’ll come useful. So, that’s how to do:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to Spotify web player; here’s the link.
  3. Login.
  4. Now, from Chrome menu (the three columned dots in the top right corner), move your mouse on “more tools” item and then click on “add to desktop”; select “open as windows”
  5. You now have a Spotify icon on your desktop that is nothing but the direct link to the web player which is still ads-free!
  6. If you have previously installed it, uninstall Spotify desktop, which is now useless.
This is the web player UI. I found the picture on google, no way I’m gonna buy a Mac.

I don’t have a clue whether the web player has as many features as its desktop counterpart or not but if it’s the case… it’s a price I’d gladly pay.

Happy listening, folks!

Edit: apparently this procedure doesn’t work on Mac OSX because Chrome on OSX doesn’t have the “add to desktop” feature. You can workaround this issure by following what they say here



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